Dr. Susan Baum heeft ruim veertig jaar ervaring met dubbel bijzondere leerlingen. Zij deelt haar expertise, ervaring en inzichten tijdens de internationale ECHA2022 conferentie die deze zomer in Den Haag plaatsvindt, met als thema ‘Empowering Every Talent Together – Creative Ways to Enable Personal Growth’ .

Susan verzorgt een verdiepende workshop over haar ‘Strength-based, Talent-focused Model for Twice Exceptional learners’ tijdens de pre-conference op 31 augustus. Daarnaast zijn op 2 en 3 september tijdens de parallelle sessies  de films te bekijken waarin de verhalen gedeeld worden van de leerlingen op Bridges Academy en hun ouders en leraren. Op 3 september verzorgt Susan de keynote ‘Five Key Pieces to the 2e Puzzle: What I learned from the students’.  

Susan Baum, Ph.D. is co-director of the International Center for Talent Development and Director of the National Institute for 2E Research and Development at Bridges Academy. Professor Emeritus from The College of New Rochelle, and an international consultant, Susan is published in a multitude of books, chapters, and articles in the areas of twice-exceptional students, primary-aged gifted students, social and emotional factors affecting gifted students, and multiple intelligences. She served on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Gifted Children and is past president and co-founder of the Association for the Education of Gifted Underachieving Students. She is recipient of the Weinfeld Group’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in educating the twice-exceptional child.

31 Augustus 13.30-16-30: Pre-conference in-depth workshop ‘Strength-based, Talent-focused Model for Twice Exceptional Learners’

Who are the children we call twice exceptional?  How does the dual diagnosis impact their identities and result in profound complexities? For too long bright students with academic, behavioral, or social challenges are subjected to remediation and other strategies designed to “fix” them.  However, studies have shown that attention should be on developing what these 2e students can do by using a strength-based, talent focused approach. In short,  these students need  2e friendly environments at  home and school where these students feel safe to learn. In such an environments students find the courage to overcome their challenges and engage in learning with confidence and enthusiasm. To do this effectively,  we offer a strategy using the Suite of Tools to h identify students’ profiles and use that information to  create learning opportunities where these students can thrive. In the workshop you will learn how to collect data about students and how to use that information to create learning experiences and talent development opportunities.

2 September 15.30-17.00 – Movie ‘2e: Twice Exceptional’ followed by Q&A

This movie examines the concept of “twice exceptionality” – gifted or highly gifted children with learning disabilities and/or differences – from the perspectives of the students themselves, as well as their parents and educators.

These students have vexed their parents and are often considered “at risk” by traditional school systems. Yet they are our next-gen geniuses, mavericks and dreamers – Malcolm Gladwell’s budding “outliers.”

They may grow up to change the world… if they can survive the American school system and their own eccentricities.

2e: Twice Exceptional focuses on middle school and high school students at Bridges Academy in Studio City, California. Bridges Academy is one of the first schools in America dedicated solely to the education of 2e students. The school has attracted the interest of the international educational community for its inspired approach in looking “outside the box” to develop creative educational solutions to engage these unique students.

View the 2e Trailer:

3 September 9.00-10.30 – Movie ‘2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional’ followed by Q&A

How does your brain work?  Thomas Ropelewski’s 2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional, the sequel to his award-winning 2e: Twice Exceptional,  follows the teachers of Bridges Academy, a school in Los Angeles dedicated exclusively to educating highly gifted students with learning disabilities or differences, as they develop creative techniques and strategies to prepare these unique minds to find their places in the world.

3 September 11.00-12.00 – Keynote ‘Five Key Pieces to the 2e Puzzle: What I learned from the students’

So many bright learners have brains that are wired differently resulting in extraordinary gifts and talents and perplexing challenges at the same time. Known as twice exceptional, these students have needs unlike others who don’t exhibit this paradoxical  profile.  I have spent over four decades studying these special youngsters and what happens when advanced abilities collide with disabilities.  During this session  I will  share their stories and suggest five key ways to meet their needs.

Wil je aan één of meerdere sessies van Dr. Susan Baum deelnemen? Meld je dan aan voor de pre-conference op 31 augustus en/of de ECHA2022 Conferentie. De 2eMovie is ook te bekijken wanneer je kiest voor alleen het Nederlandstalige Programma op 2 september. Meer informatie vind je op de website van ECHA2022.


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