Ndondo Mutua Mulli deelt in haar pre-conference workshop en keynote tijdens de ECHA2022 Conferentie hoe zij met het door haar ontwikkelde Mulli Model de talenten van kinderen en jongeren aanspreekt. Zij besteed daarbij bewust aandacht aan minderheidsgroepen en kinderen die te maken hebben met armoede om kansengelijkheid te bevorderen en voor ieder kind passende ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden te creëren.

Ms Ndondo Mutua is the Director of Operations at Mully Children’s Family.  Her focus is on strategic planning, resource mobilisation, talent acquisition, and development in MCF.

Ndondo has been involved in rescues, rehabilitation, protection, and reintegration of vulnerable children/youths, focusing on identifying and developing their gifts and talent and fostering talent development in the STEMM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine) areas for over 20 years.

She has previously been involved in Education Curricula development for the Special needs and High-performance children and youths in Kenya.  She is pivotal in championing children’s rights and protection, immensely participating in training for persons involved in handling children, e.g., the police, government social workers, children’s officers and educators.

She has participated in ECHA conferences and has been the liaison person between the World Giftedness Centre in MCF Kenya.  She is passionate about scaling up and replicating the Mully Model.  She is currently a PhD student at Kabarak University, Kenya.

31 Augustus 13.30-16.30 – Pre-conference in-depth workshop ‘Scars to Stars – Giving Diamonds in the rough a chance to shine, Mully’s Children Family Kenya’

The Mully Children’s Family (MCF) Workshop will not only give an overview of the theory of the Mully Model of Talent and Gift Development but also provide some experiences as to how the organisation has been able to rescue and rehabilitate over 25,000 marginalised children in Kenya over the last 32 years.

The methods and structure used to discover the hidden talents and gifts of the marginalised in Kenya within the organisation will be shared.

The interactive workshop will provide experiential learning of some of the methods used at MCF (e.g., using song and dance as methods of talent development, cultural understanding, respect etc., as a basis to develop other talents and gifts). Elements of the workshop will have some of the talents of MCF assisting in the workshop virtually.

The model’s long-term impact will be briefly analysed with case studies of recipients who are now professionals in the STEMM field, performing Artists, Athletes, Politicians, etc.

The complex structure of the MCF Actiotope will be discussed with a special focus on the support systems of talent development within the STEMM field, Performing Arts, Arts, Sports and others. In small groups, the participants will be given a chance to brainstorm potential transfer of methods and parts of the model from Kenya to other settings.

1 september 13.15-14.15 – Keynote ‘Engaging Every Child and Youth to Thrive and Shine, an example from Mulli’s Children Family’

Mully Children’s Family (MCF) has evolved as a centre with deliberate programs geared towards promoting and nurturing gifts and talents among children and youths from marginalised and poverty-stricken communities. Nurturing their giftedness with the potential to excel in the STEMM related fields and in other areas, such as arts, performing arts, sports, social impact, and many more. This has been achieved through different approaches, including:

  1. Giftedness and Talents Search:

Identification of various gifts and talents among the MCF beneficiaries has been made possible through the guidance of MCF teams of co-workers. The individual children whose interests in pursuing multiple talents and gifts are sustained through special attention by role models and peer support and are nurtured through active clubs within MCF. These clubs promote youth participation in special seminars, joint practical projects, performances and competitions in various areas, including STEMM, karate, debating competitions, dance, singing, and arts. Currently, slightly over 5,500 beneficiaries are actively involved in the Giftedness and Talent development programs.

  1. Establishing relevant infrastructural facilities to support formal education programs:

Investing in the establishment of relevant infrastructure, qualified tutors, coaches, and mentors to provide students with opportunities and support for quality learning and their potential enhancement. As a result, MCF provides an environment that facilitates the improved performance of both boys and girls, enabling them to secure qualifications for further education.

The program’s success has led to many achieving awards, recognising talents and gifts, and increasing the participants’ self-confidence to increase their chances of success in various fields of interest.

Wil je je graag laten inspireren door Ndondo Mutua? Meld je dan aan voor de pre-conference op 31 augustus en/of de ECHA2022 Conferentie. Meer informatie vind je op de website van ECHA2022

N.B. Ndondo’s keynote op donderdag 1 september is ook bij te wonen als je je inschrijft voor het Nederlandstalige Programma dat parallel met ECHA2022 plaatsvindt.


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